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About me and Forever Living

My name is Olivér Lé pki. I am Eagle, Senior Manager and now building business in Forever Living Product in Nigeria. I help people obtain Aloe Vera based product from Forever Living Products and I also help people get started their own Home Based Business with Forever Living. This is an amazing opportunity and the longer I am with Forever the better I understand the concept and appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me. Exactly the same opportunity is available to anyone else who joins Forever Living. Everyone stands to gain the same or more in terms of benefit.

Why Did I join FLP?
I was searching for opportunities and came across Forever. The more I learned the more impressed I was about the company and about the business potentials.

I started to learn the profession of network marketing, then understand how it all works. It looked easy, but at the same time tricky since I've never done anything like this before.

My breakthrough came when I was introduced to Forever Living and I have seen a world of difference as I now hold my destiny firmly in my hands. Good products need little or no marketing stress as the efficacy of the products continue to attract new customers in addition to those already addicted to the products. My income accruable from sales and team work is far in excess of the stipends I am being paid.

The joy of it all is that one did not necessarily needs to resign from the current traditional employment as some of the staff may constitute a good chunk of customer base as well as team member.

I am proud to be associated with Forever Living as Forever Business Owner who is and will be working hard to prove my self that I am worth more than just having old school traditional job and being stuck in the office with bunch of people that I dont' have anything in common with. It is now up to me to decide my own future for me and my family.

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